Advanced Reputation Management 4-Month Program

~ Private Pilot Program ~

The Advanced Reputation Management Pilot Program is offered by invitation only. This program runs four months and is entirely turnkey.

Our objective is to elevate your online visibility on the review sites that rank highest for new dental patient traffic. Prospective patients visit these sites at length most often. In 2017 over 90% of prospects will visit review sites and make purchase decisions while there.  

Turnkey Services and Outcomes:

  • You may expect to see many more 4-star and 5-star patient reviews and fewer, if any, 3-star reviews.
  • This is because we can often intercept a 3-star (sometime negative) review before the patient posts it online and re-direct the review to your practice for resolution. This can save the patient relationship.
  • New reviews will stream to your practice website for visitors to see.
  • Your practice business pages at the review sites will be updated, enhanced and monitored.
  • Ongoing progress reports will show your new reviews and highlight the sites performing best for you.
  • Real-time intelligence gathering will reveal what’s working best and what your colleagues are doing, or not doing. This strategic guidance is essential to stay head of the competition.

And more services will be added throughout the pilot.


“When shoppers in your neighborhood look for a dentist, nine out of ten go online and read your reviews before they decide. Be there prepared.”

To sign up for the pilot program, call Jay Rosenberg at 203.403.3079
or write to