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Your Friday Brief, Doctor

Patient Chatter Matters

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Consumers love to talk about what’s new, different and best. When you tell your special story to your patients, your patients will talk about you to their family and friends.

For your special story and how to activate patient chatter about your practice, please read on…


“83% of Americans say that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase that product or service.”

About 50% of them remember your name and will look for you on Google or on a review site like Yelp, Vitals or Facebook.

Why is this? It’s because word-of-mouth recommendations from the people we know and trust carry far more weight than other types of promotion or advertising. The “wisdom” of friends and family is taken to heart.

Called “social proof,” word-of-mouth recommendations, along with multi-star online reviews, are two of the most meaningful and powerful ways to attract new patients.

Simple to execute and rewarding.
Two ways social proof builds trust and creates a special story that your patients will love and talk about.

   1. Display your professional credentials for everyone to respect and admire.
Post your credentials, degrees, certifications, awards and your logo prominently at the office, on your website and online, wherever your practice is listed, like Yelp and other review sites and Facebook. If you’re best at something – and you have proof – display it.  Boast proudly with colorful photos of your team serving your community. Consumers will read brief captions to learn about you.

     2. Be in the news with “Earned Media”

When the press publishes noteworthy articles about your practice, this “earned media” is a great way to build brand awareness, and social proof that your business is worth paying attention to.

The press — print, TV, online — is always looking for news. If you have a professional or personal achievement to share, call the press and let an editor know.

You are an expert source, so introduce yourself to key editors with a telephone call so they know you are available to answer their questions. Send them your bio and credentials and best ways to reach you. They will call you for your knowledge and often credit you in the news. NOTE: When your editor or a reporter calls, take the call. They usually are on deadlines.


Which Types of Social Proof Work Best?
Reading time about 2 minutes.

Below you'll find statistics about the types of social proof that perform best, and what you need to know about convincing your prospective customers:

  • 88% of consumers trust online patient reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • For 50% of all consumers, their very next step after reading a positive review about a business is to visit their website. To help, display a link to your website everywhere.
  • 57% of consumers will only buy or use a business service if it has at least a 4-star rating.
  • The average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision.

“Dear Doctor, The (social) proof is in the pudding. Adding social proof to your marketing can make a huge impact. It’s okay to proudly boast with a page of credentials and recent press that sets you apart.

“Be thoughtful and helpful. People don’t buy what they don’t understand. Your clarity and information about yourself and your practice enables the prospective patient to more likely feel in control and take action.”

What you should do now

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Chatter Matters: The 2018 Word of Mouth Report

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