I am reminded of the old story about…

about a little boy who walked into a candy store and asked for a pistachio ice cream cone. When the owner told him it would cost a $1.00, the boy said that the store across the street only charged 50¢.

“So why don’t you buy it there?” asked the owner.

“Because they are out of pistachio,” replied the boy.

“Well,” said the owner, “if I was out of pistachio, I’d charge 50¢, too.”

Doctor, the point is:

When you’ve got it – whether it’s ice cream or information or excellent patient reviews – you’re in a better position than your competitors to capitalize on new patient opportunities.

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When folks go online to find a dentist it’s vital they see excellent reviews of your practice. Your online reputation — today’s gold standard for attracting new patients — gives you an edge on your colleagues.

You can’t put a price on great reviews and I won’t either.

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Jay Rosenberg
Partner & Co-Founder
Smile Reports

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