How would you respond to Jennifer’s angry review?

*****Patient Jennifer reviews visit to Forest Avenue Dental on Yelp.

The reason I am giving this office one star is mainly because of the front desk receptionist, Sara.

She is insanely unprofessional and downright rude. I called today to make a payment on my account and she was being argumentative. I asked to speak with someone else 3 times and she refused to transfer me every time. When I told her the whole reason I don’t call except to make a payment is because I don’t want to have to deal with her, she hung up on me.

I have to speak with this wretched woman and have a fight every time I try to pay them. I never had a bad experience with the assistants or with Dr. Portman but, unfortunately, they will be losing my business because I refuse to deal with someone who would treat a paying customer the way Sara does.

If these dentists want to retain customers they need to rethink who they hire to be the ‘face’ of their office.

Posted by Patient Jennifer 8/25/2017. Over a year later, no response from Forest Avenue Dental. 

What would you say to Patient Jennifer? 

 Our professional advice:


This practice just lost Jennifer, a valued patient. And perhaps other patients due to Sara. Worse, this review will be seen and read by hundreds of patients and prospects. True or false, shoppers believe and trust reviews. 

How do you respond? 

Yes, negative reviews sting. Take an hour and get over it, then take immediate action.

Rule No. 1: Answer every negative review ASAP, yet thoughtfully, as if the world is watching. It is. When your measured response tells Jennifer you care, Jennifer is pleased. And every review watcher, many looking for a new dentist, learn about you too. Remember, online “The patient is always right.” 

Rule No. 2: If you think this Patient Jennifer is wrong, please re-read Rule No. 1.

Fast action and a professional response would save this patient-practice relationship. Too bad. Patient Jennifer is gone forever. 

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