How to get legendary online reviews and a New York story 

Legendary reviews are written by patients who feel good about you and your practice, and about themselves.

They tell others to come to your practice for your extraordinary care. They talk about how good they feel afterward.

How to become legendary.

It begins with giving your staff permission to go above and beyond, to routinely go out of their way for your patients.

This case study explains it perfectly… 

In New York City, Dr. Fred Fiala, head of Gramercy Park Dentists, cultivates a culture of hospitality for his patients and his team.

He encourages his 14 employees to create what he calls “legendary experiences” for the 80 patients who walk through their doors every week.

Like this.

One day, a woman rushes into Gramercy Park Dentists. She’s in a state of panic. She just realized that she left her purse in the taxi that dropped her off.

Carla, Dr. Fiala’s receptionist, notices.

She notices the look of panic and asks if everything is okay. “I didn’t want to be late and left my purse with everything in it in the taxi,” the woman says.

“Don’t worry yet,” Carla says. “For now, please, make yourself comfortable. The doctor is almost ready to see you. In the meantime, what’s your mobile number?

At that point, Carla springs into action. She and Debbie, the practice bookkeeper repeatedly call the number. Carla gets ahold of the driver who’s on the other side of New York City, agrees to meet him half way, pays the driver for his trouble, recovers the woman’s purse and returns it to her…

Right as she’s finishes her appointment with Dr. Fiala.

Here’s what makes this story incredible. Similar situations, stories of legendary service, occur routinely, daily even, at Dr. Fiala’s practice.

Give your team – your A Players — permission to be legendary. Your team makes the difference.

Recognize and reward them when they go above and beyond to serve others. Protect, champion and fight for them and they’ll fight for you. They are your first line of defense.

Go above and beyond, routinely. This is the secret to amazing reviews.

Recruit the right people, create the right setting, give them the right benefits, encourage them to serve your patients so they feel good about themselves and about you. You’ll attract a flood of positive reviews. (Tip: It’s easier and far quicker when you ask the savvy professionals at Smile Reports to guide you through the pesky mine fields on the review sites.)

Do well and the next legendary patient experience story (and flood of positive reviews that comes with it) can be yours and seen online by everyone.  

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