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DO THIS to attract more patients… on review sites and on your home page

Reading time: Under one minute
When a patient says “Thank you!” in their review: Take five minutes to respond in your own kind words. Your acknowledgement thrills the patient. Prospects notice. It’s likely they’ve never received thank you messages from their dentists. Fact: Patient reviews are believed and trusted. They add a halo to your comments.

Expect interested prospects to visit your website. Welcome them with your best streaming ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐reviews flowing across your home page. The more your reviews get seen online the more they encourage prospects to call for their first appointment. Wondering how to stream reviews on your home page? Ask us. Email support@smilereports.com. In subject line say: “Help me stream my best reviews.” (No charge, of course.)

When your team does community service, take plenty of photos. Post at least six photos on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Add brief, warm captions that describe who your special patients are. Readers love to read captions because they learn about your practice.

Today’s Chuckle


This new low-cost team benefit sparks productivity and advocacy… and a new stream of referrals.


Reading time: About 3 minutes
First, a team problem you may not know. Then, because a good leader gets involved, the solution.
  • Every day 60% of your employees come to work worried about money.  Half lie awake at night stressed out.1
  • 67% of them carry a credit card balance and almost half find it difficult to make the minimum payment on time each month.2
This directly affects the practice.
  • Employees who admit financial worries say their anxiety impacts their health (28%), personal relationships suffer (23%), productivity at work is affected (22%), and they miss work (12%).3

How you can help ease their financial anxiety.
Call a local university and invite a qualified member of their faculty to coach your team at your practice on the fundamentals of sound money management. If not free as a community service, we’ve found the cost to be low.  

The rewards are very high, for your team and for the practice, because…

Credit counseling as a benefit…​
shows management’s gratitude, eases financial stress and creates a positive feedback loop in your employee relationships. Employees notice the standards your leadership sets and follows.

When you recognize their challenges you cultivate an engaged, trusting and caring workforce. They reciprocate with gestures of appreciation like these:

  • Increased productivity, focus and engagement with co-workers (51%).4
  • Increased advocacy and new patient referrals.
  • Increased loyalty (78%), job satisfaction (80%) and retention (and they don’t look for a job elsewhere).5
“Dear Doctor: A relationship built on trust and mutual commitment helps your employees plan and build their world and, thanks to you, richly contributes to their family’s future.”

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