April 19 Edition – A weekly compendium of tips and advice for dental practitioners 

“Your Friday Brief, Doctor”
Negative Review: When your grumpy patient Betty decides to vent.
Reading time: About one minute 

And does. Online. On Yelp. She awards you one measly star and goes on and on about her experience at your practice.

Local review readers – your prospective patients – believe what Betty writes. Readers and complainers are kindred souls and crave drama. This can play havoc with a new patient’s first impression of your practice.

Until you reply to Betty’s vent the public concludes you are neglecting her. So your speedy response within 24-36 hours is critical. Be thoughtful and diplomatic (even though you don’t want to be). This shows everyone, especially Betty, how professional and respectful you are  and how you care for your patients and manage your practice.

Right or wrong, Betty can harm your online reputation, unless you move fast! The good news: New ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews push down any negative review that creeps in so it drowns in your “sea of excellence.”

Today’s Chuckle

That $35 prescription could cost only $9.
Reading time: About one minute 

Many patients are unaware that their prescription medicine can often cost less than their insurance copay.

That’s mostly because pharmacists have been contractually restricted by insurers and drug industry administrators, called Pharmacy Benefit Managers, from telling patients when there are lower cost options than insurance.

Pharmacists have long been uncomfortable with this onerous “gag clause” restriction. However, the new  Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act now allows pharmacists to tell their patients when truly affordable alternatives are available. Some portions of the law, though, won’t go into effect until 2020.

Pharmacists say they are relieved and pleased to now be able to tell their patients about these money-saving new choices.

Dear Doctor: Counsel your patients to ASK their pharmacist about lower cost alternatives for their prescription medicine. They will appreciate the savings and think of you.

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