April 12 Edition A weekly compendium of tips and advice for dental practitioners 

“Your Friday Brief, Doctor”
A weekly compendium of tips and advice for dental practitioner

Significant Digits: 
How Prospects React to Your Patients’ Reviews

Reading time: About one minute 

50% go to your website after reading positive patient reviews. Your home page is the gateway to your practice. Make it your best page. Use a larger type font because two-thirds of those visitors are age 55+)

63% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, especially when there are multiple reviews. Build cred. Show team and office photos with captions.

57% won’t contact a business with less than a ⭐⭐⭐⭐ average rating. Plus they want to see about 40 reviews before they believe your star rating is accurate. Recent reviews (under one month old) are a big plus.

89% read your responses to your patients’ reviews. Stay on top of your reviews. Respond professionally, politely and fast. Especially to negative reviews!
Source: brightlocal.com/research/local-consumer-review-survey

Today’s Chuckle

Lasting impressions make each patient’s visit memorable
Reading time: About two minutes 
Poet Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,                                  
 people will forget what you did, but people will                                       
never forget how you made them feel.”

Small gestures. Patients who receive something, even something small, like a new tube of toothpaste feel good about their visit. BUT research shows a second small gift, like a tooth brush or floss makes the patient feel special, and they go on their way with a better, longer lasting impression.

Say good-bye by name. “It’s always nice to see you, Ms. Jones.” Hearing this shows you like them. The patient then feels good about you, themselves and your practice. They are more likely to refer you and return.

As they get ready to leave, mention sunny weather and blue skies. “The weather is supposed to be really beautiful tomorrow. Enjoy the day!”

“Dear Doctor: Good patient care begins with your warm welcome which relaxes and improves a patient’s mood. The heart of caring, though, is your sincere ‘good-bye.’ This makes each patient’s visit memorable and imprints a lasting, positive impression of your practice.”

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